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A Family of Rockhounds

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

We have a favourite pastime in our family, its collecting rocks. We spend hours and days collecting rocks from everywhere we go, but especially the farmers fields on our property (though beaches are my moms favourite). Which is probably because she grew up in a small Beach front cottage and loves the beach.

These are rocks that I collected in the past two beautiful days with my young nephew. The farmer tilled the fields at least three times this fall after adding some lyme. It unearthed all the rocks, therefore for a cheap, productive, and active activity, we went to the fields searching for treasures. There were so many rocks in one walk packed into my overalls, the straps were cutting into my shoulders! (Normally, I am smart enough to bring the wagon)

This was our first batch? Second batch? I don't remember what batch we are on now? And this does not include the rocks we put into my sisters rock pile for the gardens for her tiny house. Apparently, I am starting to collect my own for my eventual tiny house. The youngest nephew is very tired from our exertions, the elder one was intrigued by our rocks once he got home from school. We laid them all out on some scrap wood to get washed by the rain this week, since they are covered in clay.

Honestly my nephew was more intrigued by the eight golf balls we added to their collection of thirty two so far. I don't remember the last time someone went golfing out into the front field, but I do feel like it was more than a decade ago.

A few years ago, a friend of mine after hearing my sister complain about the volume of rocks in the trunk of her car, gave me a Rock Tumbler he had found at a thrift store for $6. All I have to say is Mind Blown! I had never even heard of one before. So off I went, tumbling rocks. It is fascinating, it gives credence to my collection, and they look so pretty! I love watching the stages of rounding, which layers are softer, watching the tumbler unearth and polish all the middle layers, it is speeding up time to something as close to everlasting as a rock or mineral.

These are a few cleaned, but not yet tumbled. We now have a plan for these, also they are cleaning up so beautifully. I'm working on trying to figure out what kind they are, and I know some of them, I probably will not quite figure out what kind of rock they are.

But so far it's been fun, just like most every day at Wyldespun. I love the ability to discover new hobbies, use for the loves we already have, as well (of course) as spending time with my family!

So go find some rocks, minerals, and semi precious stones, learn about them! It is the little things in life that make it interesting.

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