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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We spent a lot of time figuring out how to show our spindles. They are an odd shape and an odd thing to showcase. So we went on many a mission, and debated back and forth about colour choices for longer than I would want to admit. All of it to figure out how to make our Wyldespuns shine! (And find a good home) these are a few of our choices/options

This was the initial inspiration, and old waterbed bedpost, a base, and some good old fashion country hoarding. We wanted a tree trunk, but were unwilling to cut one that we could use for spindles.

So we painted both of them Purple, "Purfectly Purple" to be precise. I started to put my background for videos together and realized my error. That is a Lot of Purple! Too much Purple. So here we go, the next challenge is to break it all up!

This is where the Mom of the partnership comes in to write. We tend to ask my husband to find what we need to create our necessities. Then he goes out to his barn and does what I call barn diving, something like dumpster diving. He keeps everything. He has a sense of what we can recreaterepurpose into something else. So that is where the spindle display came from. An old bed post he still had and a piece of wood. We try to recycle as often as we we can. Luckily we have my husband.

So in this adventure I learned how to use a drill to put holes in the post and I did some sanding and painting. It first started out as a stain, but it just wasn't right. So purple it went. We had thought we would use it for our first fibre market, but of course it was cancelled due to Covid. But now it is our display on the website. It works pretty good too. What do you think? Everyone should have a barn to find extraordinary things to remake into something else. I am always looking at what we call "Ricks Junk" to recycle and repurpose. Lots of fun.

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