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Harvesting Rocks

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Yes, we are the kind of family that harvests rocks. My dad got a truckload of sandy dirt, mixed with some flagstone, and what were called Potato rocks (rocks about the size of potatoes). So we dug, and sifted through loads of dirt to fill up milk cartons full of rocks.

The kids helped, for awhile, they are 3 and 6. They love to dig and collect rocks, it can be a large part of their day as well as apparently a favourite pastime in our family. But being children, they started getting crazy with their tiny shovels and got sent to the sandbox and

a run to the Tree. A run to the tree is to run off steam, it consists of a run across the field to a specific Pine tree.


There was such a huge drought this year that the pond dried up and in an effort to save the fish and the frogs, my parents bought molded plastic ponds for the botom of the pond. Also they laid a tarp down over the majority of it. The pond was what we were actually harvesting rocks for.

Look at how lovely its coming along. Look at how many rocks there are... so many rocks! Its a little hard to tell but there is multiple layers of rocks. The fish are so very happy, and that was before the rest of the pond filled up.

Rocks!! So pretty!! I can't wait for the waterliles to go in next year. Wait for it though! The pond all filled up! It didn't all get tarped up underneath so we did have some loss of water. Also, still no rain either. Well worth the effort.

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