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How to spin with a Sit & Spin

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A short little video on how to spin with the sit and spins. The lighting in my house is atrocious, so I bribed my son with a haircut (as you do during a pandemic) to come out and film a few short videos. I made him go for a bit of a walk with me first because my bike ride that morning gave me the burps! Or, it was nerves. Probably that one.

So I took my baby, Old MacDonald, on its very first hike. I was debating on making some sort of scabbard or sheath for it, but instead just snugged it inbetween me and my backpack. It worked just fine, slips a little and definitely requires your posture to be super straight! I'm going to see what I can figure out.

So it just nestles right behind my head, not too bad, but could be better... we will see what I can dream up.

I wasn't going to include my bloopers, but why not!

The first one is how Not to split a fibre braid. I normally just bring what I will need, about 1/4 to 1/2 a braid. I did not do that, I brought the whole thing chained. In a Forest, with nothing to put it on. Sometimes I get so focused on wanting the end result, I forget the common sense, or a very least the beginning. It is very tangled now but fixable. Also full of leaves, which is fairly common for me, the majority spins out.

Also I think I find it difficult to talk to the camera while doing something. It is easier for me to talk to a person and have their feedback. I need their questions to keep from jumping all over, and for whatever reason my 19 year old son just does not care about learning to spin.

Deer in Headlights! super Serious and frowny!

So did you know that Gnats love colour? I didn't. I normally bring my 1/2 braid or whatever stored in a little storage sack. I can store a decent amount of fibre in there, and it contains it fairly well. As I said before, I didn't do that this time. I figured we wouldn't be there for too long, and I could just shove it all into my backpack. I didn't do that right away, and apparently gnats love flourescent green. so that will be interesting to deal with. My life has strange problems. Typically that I make for myself.

So after Gnats, my son wants to shoot again, location number two, I tell him "That's off path, lets go straight to location number 3, its on the path and it is better anyway."

He wouldn't have any of it. He says "if you want content we are out here, lets get content. "

I cave, if nothing else it is time spent with my son. So we do the tiny hike to Location 2.

This picture is from the day before. Can you tell I don't like off trail hikes? even if it is marginally off trail? So the good news is my son will never do it again. We didn't get poison Ivy, or Poison Oak. My son did step on a wasps nest. We did not get video, but just picture me very calmly saying to him "you just stepped on a bee's nest, we should leave now." Then him panicing, running for the trail arms flailing, while I carefully walked to the trail, it was a treacherous terrain.

We stopped running once we hit the trail. FYI, you KEEP RUNNING AND FLAILING! I would notice a wasp on him, we would swipe and run and flail, they burrowed into clothes, they are treacherous buggers (and rightfully so, it was their house). Sting/Bite count? 10, in total, my son with 9, I only received 1, on my inner thigh. No second location shot, or third, it was home to change and make a paste out of baking soda and water to apply to all the bites.

Like I told my son, Stay on the Trail my Friends, or at least away from wasp nests! Luckily we are not allergic, so it was just a weird day for us. Also, a bit of break in our filming schedule. I will try to make some better ones, a little more in depth and maybe even with a smile!

Have a Good night, Stay Safe, Go Wylde, Get Spun!

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