I Quit my Day Job

Sometimes, it's important to know when you are done. To go with the original plan, and wander into the unknown, to take care of family and yourself. I am persuing my dreams and planning on enjoying life instead of just blindly listening to what Corporate is to telling me to do. I am super excited to put more time and energy into Wyldespun. While I will persue a part time job, to make ends meet, I am lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive partner, who seeing how despondent I was encouraged me to quit the Corporate Rat race and work at something better for both our family and myself.

My mom (the quieter half of Wyldespun) told me to tell him thank you. So now we have a list of possibilities for Wyldespun. It is a very long list, which I am immensely ecstatic to chomp right into. I also have a Disaster of a house to clean. When everyone works so much, there are pieces that get left aside. In my case it was our home. I realize that I am lucky enough that I will be able to go to part time. (Hopefully, and eventually, just through Wyldespun).

So now I get to create with Wyldespun (but first, clean, and organize the house) also to try something different, cook, and live my life. Just get to be better as a whole. I can't wait. NINE days left of Corporate, and I can't wait to Let It Go!

I am super excited to see what we get up to next!



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