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Market Season!

It's the middle of March and we are getting ready for the 2022 Market Season!

As of today, we have 3 markets booked. It is shaping up to be a completely different year for everyone, including Wyldespun.

First of all, as you may have seen we have expanded out of the 8x10 shed and into a 10x16 lofted barn! We can't wait to have the new woodshop completely functional. So far, the woodshop has a new door, reinforcement of the beams for the loft (Wyldespun storage), insulation, new windows, electricity, with plywood walls and ceiling. Both sheds are in quite a bit of chaos right now with Kathryn working hard to get them in order. We are hoping the expansion will allow us to expand our offerings, since the extra space is needed for so many things.

We are also expanding, family wise. With a new little one on the way (due summer, 2022) we had to make a few changes and concessions this year. Unfortunately a big one was dropping Muskoka Fibre Festival.... since it is 2 days after my due date it seemed a little impractical to make it. We hope to get there next year though!

We are going to be at Hamilton Fibre Forge this Sunday (March 20th, 2022), Sunshine Fibre Festival May 7th (as first timers), and once again Woolstock in Paris in the Fall. We were hoping for a few more, but are trying to keep the distance minimal and the time lines reasonable. Or as reasonable as they can be for something so (possibly) unpredictable.

We are hoping to expand into a few more markets and reach a bit of a bigger circle within the next few years, while still keeping the pandemic in mind. Especially with a new little one on the way. We are also hoping to figure out shipping, for those who are further away from us!

We can't wait to see you all, Stay Safe, Stay Kind.


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