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More Sit & Spins Hatching

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Today was all about hatching our Sit & Spins! We are right back at it after a few days off and some inconvenient weather yesterday. This is our (most used) hatching table in our Summer Office.

We have some new kinds of wood and different sized pieces to work on. A few more mystery spalted Hardwood, Cedar, and Apple from the local Apple Farm. I have claimed one of these delightful pieces (hopefully) for myself, though that hasn't worked in the past! 😀 It is lovely seeing our spindles find new homes and dreaming up new ones.

We will see how long it lasts in my hands or if it gets a new owner! But we are super excited for the hatching. And next week we will start sanding to unearth each whorls beauty and charm.

We will keep you posted, we have lots of sanding and assembling next week.

Friday though? That's Play Time! Wait to see what we will create.

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