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Prepping for Wyldespuns First Pop up Market

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

This Sunday is Wyldespuns first pop up market, and we are super excited! We have spent a bunch of days getting ready, and have so much more to do. We need displays, and we changed the colour of a few display pieces.

Also known as don't slightly adjust the purple to match the shed, one week before your first market. Even if it needed done.

We also have these adorable handmade doodley beads, which I am so in love with! They are perfect for macrame projects, little key fobs, sanitizer holders, crochet water bottle holders, etc, etc, etc.

Also, ducks in hats will make me laugh uncontrollably for hours! That is how my brain works apparently...

When I put on the Varathane, I had to figure out how to dry the beads... bing, bang, boom! The dead branches on nearby maple tree are long as you balance verrrrryy carefully. Like I did not, one branch, four twigs, will not support 20 beads.

We don't want to talk about how many times they fell off. Note to self, do Not use the tree that oldest nephew wants to climb to hang beads in to dry. Also these are twigs... they can only hold so many beads. Boo. Though caught on camera action shot!

We also got some Netflix and Spin done! I adore this style spindle, its longer, works great while sitting, with or without one of our spindle bowls (I have used it both ways, both work, in my house the spindle bowls make it quieter). I love these Navajo style drop spindles, they are the perfect Sit and Spin! My saving sanity piece when it was limited to where I could go and travel, and all could do was watch everything at the beginning of the lockdown for quarantine. Its is surprising how much you can get onto one of these babies!

So much hammering! Apparently it was arm day!! This second one, because I like a friction fit was a good 15-25 minutes of mallet workout. Then it was times for pulling it out of the hard clay ground which is my anchor, and re-sanding any damage from the mallet and final sand, then finishing in which ever way the spindle says it wants. Woods and spindles are very unique, they want to showcase it through the final finish coat!

These were recoated with butcher block oil, and baked in the sun and wind. We also have varnished spindles for those that prefer to not have the upkeep. I will post about this adorable table though, it folds up! My Papa made it out of on of one sheet of plywood, my dad recently refinished it, and it's still dead handy to the family!

It was perfect to keep picking up and moving into the sun today. (We are smarter now, we are leaving it there, so it gets us until 6 PM.)

My dad also made this. I love it. My sis and I had a 5 min conversation of "I want it to fit," "It won't fit." That was it. Guess who was right. The sister who can do shapes, not me!

I love it, it is everything I wanted. It doesn't fit, and for some reason my mom doesn't want to buy brand new car... She told me, it was the first thing she said.

She knows me. I wanted that display/storage piece.... it was so perfect. Minus the 2 inch rise when you put the car seats down.... it would have fit.

We are back at it again today. So much more to do!

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