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We all have our Priorities, I know I have definitely been thinking about what is the most important to me and why. I combine that with what I want out of life, and lately, how I could get there.

After years of growing up and fighting against the calm and quiet of my Parents Farm, all I long for is the times when I get to go to the farm, with the birds chirping, the poplar leaves blowing with their special little rattling water sounds. The catatonic stillness that comes from being able to sit on the front porch with a tea or a drink and watch the grass grow while thinking Big Thoughts (or nothing at all) both centre me and set me on edge. I am writing from the Farm "as we speak" on my phone. The creative juices flow more freely here. There is also internet and wifi, but just barely enough (slow enough that other pastimes are preferable).

The things I love to do here, like write, watch the fire, take too many pictures of frogs, watch the grass grow, birds fly, and talk to my family. We swim in the pool, walk down the driveway, or through the fields, build things, plant trees, spin, garden, and read books that are made out of paper. I wanted to roast bacon over the fire on wooden sticks (it is a deep challenge and well worth the trouble) but I forgot to buy bacon. No worries though! The local small town Pizza Place to the rescue! If you are super local, DM me on Instagram for the lovely, lovely place.

So distractions aside for now, what I find important: family, creating, less screen time, being outside, taking pictures of frogs, writing, watching grass grow, walking in the wilderness, and living more quietly and simply. I have never wanted a larger house, just a comfy little nest, all my own. That being the case, I have obviously been taken with the Tiny House Movement for quite a few years now. This hit me hard while living in the largest space this apartment dweller has inhabited. To most people it would be considered a small 3 bedroom townhouse, but to me it is a behemoth that accumulates junk; it is large on the inside with no credible space, or privacy outside. "Priorities".

Sunsets, sunrises, conversations, and birdsong. Super straight rows of winter wheat (not Soy Beans which make me itchy)

Also watching glowbugs. Glowbugs are magic little zappers. As a child, they were proof of fairies, and I am unconvinced they are still not magic (even if it is of the science kind of magic, like how planes fly).

These are my priorities which I have, I have a family, and a family home to fall back on. I have the freedom to wish and want for my priorities instead of my survival. I have a lot of pluses and thankfully bits of glowbugs in my corner. Right now it is dark out and very late, I am alone by the fire and listening to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band play the Saints Go Marching In. I haven't researched it, but it seems very Louis Armstrong (it is probably the horns, I love horns).

I may be alone by a fire in the middle of nowhere, (and feeling safe, even with the coyotes) I am blessed, it's my choice to be here on my family farm. To me it is the ultimate safe place, and I now recognize the luxury of having one.

Times are complicated right now for many reasons. I am lucky to be able to count priorities. I suggest we all re-adjust our priorities. Is your top priority catching a show? Is it Painting a room? Buying a Thing? Check it. How about your family? Your Community? Your city or country? How about Humankind and Earth? Take this time to try to understand, most definitely to be kind, to listen to other's stories, to learn about each other. To stare into the coals of your soul and reignite into something better.

Please be patient and kind individuals to those who need it, also to do your best to speak out for those that can't, or won't be heard.

Above all, Black Lives Matter. Life is precious for all people and should be treated as such for All People, especially the ones most persecuted. Check your privilege, check your priorities, and learn to listen hard, especially when you believe yourself to be right.

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