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Sit and Spins! Coming into Stock.

These are preliminary photos taken quickly in low lighting. Hopefully I will fix them (ideally) tomorrow and re-do this post. Trust us, they are a lovely weight, they are Beautiful, and we fell in love with each and every one of them.

Stay tuned for updated pics!

Also a few more Duck in Hats!

Also Turtles!

I am not honestly sure about how we will dry these babies in the Winter... the branches work so well. That and the Purple Palace in an 8x10 shed....

We have fun, though they sort of double as long swords? We have 1-2 coats to put on tomorrow, naming ceremonies, tags and making sure we have pics of the babies, and input into inventory. Today was a shorter day, but tomorrow will not be. Oh, and we have to pack the car... and final coat on the macrame beads. Who knows what else? We have fun though, and are happily making some very joyful/useful tools/art.

In any case, I will edit the pictures, I was just excited for a teaser, and I have very little patience (even for a Spinner). So enjoy these pictures of my mom, who never allows her picture taken; working hard and having fun.

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1 Comment

Sep 11, 2020

Above, is why I don't like my pic taken. But we did have fun. They did turn out to be perfect.

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