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Spinning in the Wylde!

I finally got comfortable enough with my walk home to bring my spinning! The walk home is between 6-7 km depending on how long I want for my cool down. It was also an elevation of 129 meters today I do not spin on Uli's Stairs, maybe one day I will be that coordinated, but that day was not today!

Also, it is really difficult to take a picture of yourself spinning without more equipment! The walk is on my way home from my soon to be former day job, so there is A Lot I bring with me. Loads of water, the horrible work uniform, a book in case of emergencies, masks, hand sanitizer, wipes emergency granola bars, and any mason jars/containers I can fit from my lunch. The backpack has a decent weight to it, but it was designed for runners, cost a fortune, and was well worth every penny. Like my new running shoes, and padded socks.

The goal has been to get more of both walking/hiking and Spinning in. But initially I was not coordinated, or in shape enough. This walk was definitely slower, but Spinning, a bit of a walk/hike and some lovely audiobooks/podcasts, is a beautiful day to me. Though I definitely felted my yarn a little with my sweaty, sweaty hand.

That being said it "felt" more normal than I have in since th pandemic began.

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