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Starting a Business and a Blog during a Pandemic

Updated: May 26, 2020

My mom and I have been planning Wyldespun for years it feels like. Initially, it was to be 2 blogs but people and families are stronger together. So, when our business opening was delayed for the emergency shut down for Covid 19, we decided to start our website and the blog we had always dreamed of. We figured out how to share pictures, how to start posts and put our merchandise online. I took two weeks of vacation at the outset of this pandemic and did very little writing and worked on very little content. Not much was created in those 2 weeks

In all honesty, as someone who loves to write and create, I am hoping that this honest little post will help me to overcome the numbness of the Covid AntiCreator Monster. I know others are struggling with this as well, and I think a little Honesty might help to shine the light on that All Encompassing Monster and bring us all closer together. (But not closer than 2 meters, of course)

During this Covid related low level stress (for me), it creates a desire to constantly refresh browsers that are showing the same news. Nightmares of people congregating in large groups, and just weird distance paranoia. They make writing harder, creating and planning items for Wyldespun almost impossible due to living at different addresses and not wanting to get my family sick. I am still going to work, I take public transit, my partner is also still working. Initially, l wanted to keep all the blog posts light, ignoring the effects of Covid 19 at this point. That is just silly, and sometimes I am not very bright, it can take me a while to realize that by ignoring the great big Anti Creator in the room, I am not doing any one favors. So Covid, you will not keep us from getting Wyldespun going, You may slow down our creativity some, but we wont let you squash it. We may not be doing big important things like frontline workers; Transit drivers, grocery staff, post office, garbage collection, farmers, my lovely friends who have made multiple drop offs of both yarn and fibre, winemakers, the beer store (thank you, we literally could not make it without you), and all of my fellow minimum wage workers who are wondering how, "That Is Essential?"


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