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The beginning home of our skoolie

So this long and narrow section that was formerly farmers field is the future parking spot of our skoolie. We are super excited for the skoolie to come to fruition. The plan is to be off grid, and self sufficient.

Here is the list of what we know:

Solar powered with a generator for back up

Composting toilet (unless we can find enough in the budget for an incinerating toilet)

The kitchen counters are already built and in our kitchen

Our Weber Grill will be coming, othercook surface will probably be a cooktop

No frills shower

Full size skool bus to accommodate our hobbies (RC planes, guitars, spinning wheel, looms and yarn) we may also need a shed...

The header picture is going to be our food garden in one side, and then bushesamd flowering ground cover on the other where the farmer sprays things in the field.

The bricks are from the former barrier around the garden at the town house we live in that the landlord forced us to get rid of. Hence the move. The rocks have been gathered from the fields around the Farm for the most part. I am not sure how I am going to use them yet, but there will probably be a rock garden, maybe by the pond.

This is the beginning of our little pond, its slow going as this is hard packed clay. This will be our little version of the Frog Pond, and since it is closer to the driveway, I a, hoping that it will be a pretty little spot to see in the driveway walls everyone does. The real reason I need it is to have the dirt to fill the divets in the lawn... it is not flat.

The alien green onions are in, as well as the mint. Pretty much the only existing plants that were out of my garden before my landlord threw everything out. So many perennials gone.

We also picked up some patio stones that I did not get pictures of, there should be enough for the base of a storage shed, as well as a little patio around the firepit.

It may not be much now, but it will be. The next thing is to start planting trees, we need shade! Badly! As well as bushes, just to fancy things up and have something pretty.

Well thats all from me! Let me know if you have things like patio stones, pond insert ideas... cuttings of pollinators friendly plants, trees that need moved. This kind of things! I think we will also need a shed to store our stuff in, for the actual building of the bus. Once we get it.

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