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The Purple Palace

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The Purple Palace is a beautiful retreat from an incredibly busy smal farm. It is a piece of a Dream, a stretch of the soul, and a large piece of the heart; all tied up in a tiny 8 x 10 recycled shed torn out of someone else's backyard.

A piece of want, a slice of need, and alot of desire... not to mention hard work by a grandchild and his friends. This beauty was created out of imagination and a pinterest feed and into reality.

The Purple Palace is chockful of tools, projects, and a lot of inspiration. What a beautiful place to go to work, and what an amazing escape.

Side of shed, getting ready for summer. Raised garden beds on the other side of shed.

This is what I call Linda and Del's path. Named after my friends who contributed wood for the pathway to the Purple Palace.

This is the back door. Not quite finished, and as you can see, where the grandchildren love to play. They are adorable.

Aren't they cute. This is after chocolate icecream cone on the front porch.

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