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Time in a pandemic

This weekend was spent quite differently than many in the past. I was invited to my parents trailer this weekend, but we are in a heat wave and the forecast was sunny with a chance of lightening. Instead the old stand by, Netflix, cooking early in the day, spinning, and maybe trying something new.

This weekend's new thing was making crepes (or polichinka which is what my half Croatian/Macedonian son calls them) with him. He found a Recipe that he bought through a video game, and I said we would use. It was lovely! Mostly because we made 2 batches of 2 together, and they were delicious. I mixed, he baked (or fried?) The flatbread. I poured the batter and he spun the cast iron pan to fill it o it was foa and thin.

They are delicious, but mostly because we made them together, and second because the recipe and directions were sound. I will post a link when I have it.

This was us working on our pouring skills. Or lack of at this point. We also were experimenting with types of oils/butter and temperature. As well as getting my son comfortable using a cast iron pan.

Next things on the to do list? Homemade pizza, spinning on the wheel, cutting up fruit...cause its Hot! Watching a very familiar feeling wizard show in The Worst Witch (I hope I get my more seasons of this, it is 3 currently on Netflix)

But seriously the highlights this weekend were sending my Fibreshare package finally, cooking polichinka with my son, and spinning for tour de fleece while watching The Worst Witch.

These are the ways I keep myself busy during the time of a pandemic. I cook, I spin, I walk, I look for stories. I try to write a few, and its difficult right now. My dreams are vivid and nightmarish, typically of customers/fellow employees at my day job not adhering to social distance/pandemic recommendations. I wake up in a sweat and feeling claustrophobic. Baking, spinning, and walking keep me a little more centred.

Peace to all of you, be safe. Try your best to stay sane.

As my boyfriend says, you are in control of only your own health. It sucks, it would be lovely if everyone was conscious of others as they were of themselves. I love you, I see you, I want to hear you.

Be at Peace. Be Safe, Be Kind to Each Other.

You are Loved.


Carrie Chant (2 of 2 in Wyldespun)

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