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Growing up at The Farm. Outdoor DayDreaming.

Updated: May 26, 2020

We climb on barn roofs for the best view of sunsets, we ate food out of trees for days, also so very many thinly sliced peanut butter and white bread sandwiches. (I used to cut it into at least eights or sometimes sixteenths (a la Babysitter's Club Handbook), loads of sour cherries (hanging out in the tree), pears, apricots, and wild strawberries. Love and life were divine. We jumped onto the mattresses in the barn, dressed up in the dress up clothes wardrobe(s), ate dried papaya and almonds and learned how to be better and more imaginative. We watched TNG, And TGIF, with our little TV trays as a family as treat.

Life was family, and family was life.

Good and bad, we were (and are) the together.

Also we are super cute. All agreed these were the best figure skating costumes we remember. I don't remember the theme, possibly 70's and Lyndsay and I did Bad Moon Rising (which I remember as "where the Bathroom is sung"), and who knows what Miranda did. *Side note I think I believed that long unkempt stuff was cute *sexy* bangs like the adult people in the magazines. Hard to do while growing out a perm you begged for and then kept brushing...

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