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We bought the Bus!! A Love Story.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

We bought a Bus yesterday morning, and I picked up the keys and ownership this morning...

She is a 1968 Chevy Bluebird, thirsty for gas, missing most of her floor and doesn't know when to quit. Quite seriously, her brakes are gone! I am in love. She is coming to her new home tomorrow morning. A fitting Friday August the 13th, for this gal. I can't wait to see her again, and I can't wait to see her in her new home.

She was an old party bus apparently. She has been stripped and emptied of all the old bunks and couches, we just need to take out the floor, raise the roof, convert the rust ( nothing too major). Then the windows, door, insulation, flooring, painting, and the rest.

It isn't a small job, but it is the right job. It feels right, I know it in my gut, in my heart of hearts. Yesterday I thought the bus was months away, maybe even a few years at best. but I do believe if you talk about your dreams, and listen to others dreams, things have a way of working out when we help each other. That was the case for us. A friend sent me a text yesterday morning, before I was really out of bed - just including the link to the bus on Facebook Marketplace. I read it, was that kind of intrigued I couldnt ignore, and sent it to the other half, who had already been at work for hours. I messaged the seller fairly immediately aasking if it was still available. Someone was already booked to see it. I cried internally and spent the morning on pins and needles. Explaining what we wanted to do, sending a picture of our tiny lot, and hoping the other person only saw the rough and not the beauty. My friend assured me he would visit and drive me down if it was available. Check it out with me. I knew the other half would listen to his advice. I got sent more pictures, I was falling in love, and distressed because I may never have the chance. I distracted myself, I do what I do, I prepped and roasted a chicken on my parents BBQ for lunch, I sanded spindles and crochet hooks and Niddy Noddies in prep for market.

The word came, the other buyer wasnt interested! We were there in about an hour and a bit. We found the place, and I love Local like nothing else. We drove around back and it was Kismet. She was perfect for me, but I did the diligence. I crawled underneath. I looked at the supports, I inspected rust and poked at it. She has one spot that needs repair and isn't just surface rust. I pretended to listen to the car guy about car things and her problems. I know her brakes are shot. Apparenty I can relate. Also we are looking for a Homebase Skoolie. I want a small self sufficient Homestead. She's perfect. Perfect for us. So we bought her. I went back this morning for the keys and ownership. a few more measurements, none that mattered, I will make it work.

So that afternoon and night we schemed, we are fairly good at scheming. Gravel, Tow, Floor. First Priorities. Other ones too, I probably should have recorded them or written them down. I didn't. I was excited and a ittle overwhelmed and anxious to start. Repairing and loving, loving and building. Also impatient. I can be very impatient when I don't have a task immediately.

Impatience and asking for help, listening the right wa, helping otherrs has rewards I feel.


Tomorrow we receive her on her Brand new driveway!

That was a journey alone today, and let me show you!

So my Dad has a Gravel Guy, I dont know who, but there was a business card and a phone call (it sounds so mysterious and Clandestine this way, but it was a fabulous company who was super fast.)

My dad called them up, it was like his fifth order with them, and we requested if posssible, if it Could be done before the weekend... He said probably. In anticipation I furiously raked at the slightly domed pile of mulch in the way of the future and now immenent driveway (I thought I had months, I thought it wasn't domed too badly. I was wrong on a few fronts there!) we went to the bank because Cash is King, and I went back to raking. Next thing I know, there Is a Gigantic Dump truck coming up the driveway!

I furiously raked faster and faster. I need that nitrogen fix for where the actual lawn will be. The extra chip drops were just free and were just to level out gigantic ruts in the farmers field. In an effort to not need more gravel we have to pay for.

The driver ( I had ordered 22 yards of 3/4 crushed for a great price) was incredibly kind. I asked if he could drag it out and pointed to my shovel, saying that and a rake were my other alternative. At this point I had called the towing company, and he was booked in the next week, so earlier was better. I am big on telling the truth, so I did. To everyone. I bought a skoolie, and want it on site as soon as is convenient, to everyone involved.

The dump truck driver laid out the gravel spectacularily. My Dad got me to cut down the 9 foot thistles and pricklers around our incredibly old Tractor, Oliver. Oliver started, and my dad grated out the gravel while I helped my sister unload her gravel by rake and shovel. It was then back to spreading out the remainder of the mulch, as well as smoothing the last of the gravel.

Another quick text message to the former owner of the bus, to see if they can get it unburied for the following day, as the driveway had gone well. a call to the tow truck driver who agreed that getting things done in the morning is best. 10 am was booked, an overnight stay (again) in my parents trailer, a quick swim, and a quick swim lesson for my youngest nephew ( my mom is teaching the older one, but we had the 4 year old out for the first time swimming with no floaties, he is doing fantastic!)

So, There is a bus, Our bus, My bus, our future home being delivered tomorrow. The other half hasn't even seen it other than pictures.

She has been used hard, I am so excited to give her the TLC she deserves and needs. I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight?

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