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We Can't Wait to See You, (also a ramble because I forget how to talk to people)

On Sunday July 25th, 2021, we get to see our fibre friends again! I, personally cant wait. I know my Mom, Kathryn has also been in a tizzy trying to get everything ready. I have just started a new job, and I suspect she is suffering from the Momiest of Mom tendencies, "I can do it (All)." I am trying to help out and get organized as much as possible, which can be a challenge when she has all the tools and supplies. though I suspect mostly I am just exhausted from the new day job.

My son thought the choice of sayings were hilarious next to each other. None of us noticed, it was past our bedtime.

Despite the challenges, she has alot on her plate and lives with my sister and 2 little nephews she is teaching to swim, we have gotten quite a bit done. My mom (also lil sis and oldest nephew who is 7 ) have been mastering the Cricut. My mom thought some fun little signs would be a great addition to our display. I agreed, so we sanded, (and sanded and sanded and sanded, you get the picture...) some of our most interesting reclaimed pallet boards, drilled holes for hanging, clearcoated them, then finally off to the Cricut for some fun and hopefully punny and witty saying that will tickle peoples funny bones. We kept most of the signs small this time around, to save on the labour of sanding, and to see if anyone likes them. My mom is hoping and wishing for 40 signs total. Right now? The Wednesday before the Fibre Crawl? We have 14. So we will see.

Sanded and ready for clearcoat.

She would also like to do stickers. As someone who has Always adored stickers, I would love too.

(Does anyone else remember those sticker books that you had to buy the packages of stickers for? they only had like the same sticker sent to each area, so you would have to go to other stores in the hopes of finishing the sticker book? We lived in what was a small town then, and I don't think I have ever finished one. If you have, I would love it if you would share your experience with me, also which sticker book... We had so many!)

In any case... Stickers. Sometimes I think we create out of Nostalgia, or, in my case, because we see a hole for something that would make us happy, but we can't find it. A true labour of love. Hmm, Sticker book anyone??

OOOOh! Also my Mom is getting a new shed delivered Friday! Two sleeps! (unfortunaltely I think I will be tied up at work for the occasion) We have outgrown the 8 x 10 shed and spilled over everywhere on the property. My Mom is hoping this new one will get her through (there are also two other sheds in the works, a tiny one for drying wood, and a temporary one for ... everything random?)

Which means.... Dun Dun Dun.... We will have somewhere to put the new ( to us) Lathes! which means more spindle options. I would also like to try some Nostepins, among so many other things! We have some wood we have been saving and drying for the Lathe, so we are rather excited.

I am so ecstatic, we have new beautiful Elm sit and spin options, signs, (maybe stickers, but let's hint for a little sticker book), a new workspace, and more tools! What couldn't be more fun? Except maybe spinning on my new Elm Sit and Spin.

Except for the "real day" work probably should happen first. Like laundry, dishes, emails, Bill's, insurance, an spreadsheets. Yup, I definitely miss sticker books and wild strawberries.

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