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About Us


Carrie Chant

One day I joined a stitch group, which evolved into learning how to spin, and I was taken! I was unhappy with the lack of sturdiness and quality of commercial spindles, so begged my mom, Kathryn Chant to help me make some in her brand new crafting shed. Pleasantly surprised, and after quite a bit of tweaking, Wyldespun was born. Your destination for our families wylde activities, crazy adventures, adorable spindles and homemade crafts.


Kathryn Chant

An amazing Mother, crafter, and Business partner! The other half of Wyldespun  that you don't see quite as often. One day she retired, and I showed her Pinterest.  Next thing I knew she had bought the Purple Palace, decided on a herringbone pallet wall, and started to accumulate tools. The perfect business partner and secret Macrame Guru!

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