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Finding Inspiration in Family

Finding inspiration can be tough. Especially during these Covid-19 times. I am at work, at my day job, and serving Curbside. Mom, Dad and my youngest sister are at home, with young children. My other sister lives out west and is working from home. I am consistently listening to Jim Butcher's the "Dresden File" books, narrated by James Marsters. (Aka I "used" to have a crush on him when he was Spike from Buffy. Now I have a crush on Harry Dresden), my youngest sister is helping to raise a baby squirrel in addition to her two children. My Mom is heavy lifting the bulk of starting a website.

Admittedly, Billy Bob Squirrelly Head is obviously the cutest endeavour. At the very least, the fluffiest.

Coming into Mothers Day week, I must say that I am very grateful to my Mom. Website design evades me, and organization is not my strong point. Logistics are hard and boring. I prefer shiny lights, colour and the visual, or the story behind the scenes.

I want colour and (limited) excitment. Quiet tasks and stories. Creation and building, without to much math to get in the way of my excitement.

And meanwhile, my Mom is building in the Purple Palace. She is taking care of grandchildren. She is still my rock that pulled me out of a horrible depression down spiral last week (I even got out of bed and put on pants!) All this while she and my sister help build this website.

I am very lucky to have such an amazing family. That's not even counting our middle sister, out west, who when I asked her to preview the site was on it in minutes!

We miss her always.

This weaving reminds me of the farm and my childhood. The brick and roof of my childhood home, the flowers and trees around it, the colour of dandelions in the grass, marigolds and the lush green summer grass. I am missing the slight touch and smell of lavender from the lilac trees blooming.

The weft is all handspun with Superwash Merino on Wyldespun Spindles, mostly done on our "Sit and Spin spindle" (a longer altered version of a Navajo style, ideal for Netflix and Chill). Randomly blended oranges, greens, yellows, beige, brown (wool), and a touch of pink (hint of wild strawberries) combined with a mixed warp of acrylic eyelash for the shag effect and an indi dyed warp ( #madsciencedyeandfibre ) which is what inspired me for this fabric.

So right now, my weaving is of my childhood home, where I cannot go. This one is almost done. I don't know what the next one will depict, or where the reflections and colour journey will take me.

But it will be there and my next Spinning/Weaving Project will take me (and maybe you) through yet another journey through my past.

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Jun 17, 2020

Thank you Kimberly for the lovely comment! I plan on writing a few more and hopefully doing a bit of a tour of the Purple Palace soon!


Kimberly Broemser
Kimberly Broemser
Jun 16, 2020

Family is EVERYTHING!! 💞

Loved reading your story and seeing your weaving‼️

Sending the best of good wishes for you, the 🐿 (I want one) and your family! Can’t wait to see more of the

💜Purple Palace,too!💜.

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