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Tiny House Blog Bertha, the Beast of a Whale

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

This is Bertha, she is to be the Tiny Home to my youngest sister, Manna and her two little boys. Bare measurements? Bertha is 7.5 feet wide and 45 feet long, an old truck trailer. At this point we have painted her (sort of, we started and then it got cold in Canada). We have started this as a family adventure, since she has arrived, she got leveled, a great start at a foundation job, we pulled windows out of a house, started gardens, planted trees, and Manna has planned out the basics with a chalk outline. Next step, wiring and insulation!

Please do us a favour and check out Miranda's Go Fund Me, and donate if you can! It is all going towards the tiny house build.

#gofundme is the link to click to help make this trailer into a family home.

Framing in a door and window, a peak at the entrance so far, and Bertha arriving at the Farm.

We wanted to paint an underwater mural on her, but didn't get very far before the wintery weather put a stop to it. She will eventually get siding put on maybe wood, basically whatever we can find that is available for not too much money. It is a tiny house on a budget after all!

We will keep posting updates of what is going on with Bertha, so please follow her, and definitely share any ideas, materials, and knowledge/experience you have.

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