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How we build

We have an issue, we are running out of room (no surprise there, it is only an 8×12 shed, and winters here can get Cold). The plan was to build something like a tarped hoop house, but after months of looking for the frame we decided to go another way. My dad was driving past a local small Lumber yard and saw a stack of skids. So naturally, he stopped in to see if they were free. They even helped him load it and said there might be more tomorrow! Initially he was thinking firewood, but as these are 6 to 10 feet long, plans changed.

Walls! They will be walls for our extra little space. Hopefully we (my mom) can finish digging out the clay before the ground freezes so that the space can be level. Then we can build something. Our plans are to plastic it in and heat it while we are in it. It will house our spot to sand and shape the wood, while the shed will be for finishing, planning, and warmth.

This was 3 truckloads of skids, and apparently they got more the next day. So ideally we will have enough. And maybe enough to build me (and my mom, when I am not there) a bunkie.

It is a dream for me, the first step to our tiny house and a place to stay on weekends while we build it. Or when (ideally, hopefully, Wyldespun gets busy.

Cheers, and keep you posted!

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