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Our First Pop up Market

We just finished our first Pop up Market this afternoon. We met so many wonderful people and faces, had a few hiccups, (figuring out the square was of of them, thank you, amazing people who were understanding and also who brought cash) We did figure it out eventually, and hopefully it will go seamlessly at the next one.

It was slow for the first hour, the market started at 10 in a Sunday. To be truthful I was worried, so I did what I normally do when I worry, I picked up a sit and spin, and started spinning. People love to see other people doing weird stuff (like spinning something different).

So people started coming in, started asking questions, we got to talking and to discussing how my mom and I make spindles, how to spin, love of fibre, and our first fibre gateway craft. (I love those stories, you guys, I love the "I started knitting and then I joined this knitting circle and.... Bam! It explodes!)

In any case we had an amazing day, we sold some spindles, a Lot of Sit and Spins, my favourite macrame beads (Ducks in Hats, for the win), little bowls, and got some important requests (we hear you, spindle holders are coming, and where do you buy copper to make hammered bowls?)

So up and coming from us at Wyldespun? My mom is taking a weeks vacation and we are going right back it! More Sit and Spins, beautiful Spindle holders, succulent pots, ducks in hats, copper bowls (?), also we have 2 lathes now. Wood turning is definitely on the list!

In the meantime, I will not being taking a vacation. There are videos to be made, hiking and spinning, how to tie a half hitch knot, the park and draft method for the Sit and Spin. Also a website update, and a move in my shared studio space. In addition to washing, combing and prepping a box of Husky fur for spinning.

Keep you posted! I will document the Husky fur though!

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