Our Inspiration

We are a bunch of Canadian Country Ladies from Ontario. We love to share our Journey of how we are learning and got inspired to create. Our inspiration comes from Country Living, a Rustic Aesthetic, and making Tools and items that are both functional and attractive.

We have owned the farm now for years. It is an old farm house with lots of character. When we bought it the farm had been abandoned and let to go wild. We spend a lot of time just trying to cut the grass which was waist high, when we bought it. Believe it not, we used a sythe to try and make it manageable. The first few years we all planted thousands of trees from the ministry. Now we are using some of them for our business venture. Hard to believe they have grown so much. When we moved in, there was only a few trees. Now there are thousands. Just love it. Great to see the changes. When I retired, I was looking for a new adventure and I guess I found it in Wyldespun and working alongside my daughter.

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