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Powerhouses, Sit & Spins, and Rockhounding

It was another busy day at the Farm today. Our friend Nick from Prouse Pottery and Soap came to help my sister further the powerhouse for her tiny house. This is step one to really getting it started. From my understanding the solar panels will go on the roof, with the batteries and some storage on the inside. The little ones were thrilled with the new building, because it is all made out of reclaimed wood, and mostly pallets, it is super strong! Sure it doesn't look pretty yet, but right now we need functionality, and next spring we will worry about pretty.

This was the base structure last week, with the other thrilled kiddo, he wants a playhouse made out of pallets now (and I want a little bunkie)

In roughly 13.5 hours this beauty came together, all reclaimed, and for very little cost.

Doors on! This door is metal and reclaimed from one of my sisters friends, (it didn't fit her house, and was black on the inside, it's okay we know paint). From my understanding the pitching the roof will help the solar panels catch the sun and shed the snow and rain in our climate.

It's coming along!

Roof is coming along, unfortunately one of the saws alls gave out at the end of this project. It is always unfortunate, for some reason we dont have a chainsaw at the Farm, so the saws all is how we cut trees, dead branches, whorls for spindles, windows in tiny houses, and who knows what else!

So, roof on, next steps are cladding and vapour barrier to keep it winter proofed.

While my Sis, Dad and Nick were busy there, my Mom, Quinton and I, had work to do for Wyldespun. This was our slightly chilly office for today. We are hoping to expand for the winter at least. The 8x10 shed is a bit tight for both of us and our plans.

Complete with my tea thief, I have to.bring him his own thermos of tea, or he will drink all of mine. That doesn't work for me on a Monday morning, or I suppose any morning. He is darn cute though, our blinky boy!

Today was about sanding all of the Sit and Spins that we had cut last week, 3 Cedar, 2 more Spalted Hardwood, and 6 total maplewood, but they are travel size. Once cut and before sanding they are quite rough!

The jagged cuts from the saws all, the bark is all still on, and there is literally no shaping yet. All ready for my beloved little tiny belt sander.

This is after the rough sand with 60 grit, and 80 grit sandpaper, look at that apple wood already! The Cedar is 95 percent sanded, and the grain is beautiful. Th colours in our last 2 Spalted that we could get out of the wood we have are enviable.

After hours and hours of sanding, it is off for a walk in the fields.

Just 3 little old Rockhounds looking for treasure, and Boy did we find some! I will post pics later, because in the excitement of the Powerhouse I did not get updated pics of our rock washing station! Anyone know a friendly Geologist? My rock identification books are giving me a hard time! There are so many beauties though.

We got so much sanding done, 2 people, 1 whole day, and 11 whorls mostly sanded. As well as my mom assembling quite a few drip spindles. Tomorrow is cutting and sanding dowels, drilling and assembly, with final sanding. Wednesday and Thursday are hopefully finishing days! Getting ready for market though! We can't wait!

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