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Spinning in the Wylde

When we started Wyldespun, I wanted something sturdy and Carrie Proof in a drop spindle. The few "trainers" that I had were not tough enough for how I choose to spin, which is while hiking, but has also included, in restaurants (back when we could go to a restaurant indoors), on buses (it starts a lot of conversations, and gets some strange looks), walking around the city, and just about everywhere I go with some hand down time.

So the Wyldespun Spindles are tough, they are Carrie proof, and I have finally done enough hiking this summer to truly #gowyldegetspun and hike while spinning. I am hiking a bit slower as I spin while my body learns to do this multi tasking. That said, I have worked up enough endurance to finally get there. I also definitely spin a little heavier while hiking then I would while sitting and spinnin (I prefer to work with something a little chunkier, so his works for me, just like when I started spinning, I am sure it will change and adjust). There is nothing I find more relaxing then getting out and hiking while spinning (and either listening to either audiobooks, podcasts, or just nature).

It is going beautifully, I am excited to start going on longer hikes with my spindles soon, as well doing videos on them! I found out that my tripod fits inside my hiking backpack! It is heavyish, but doable.

So stay tuned! Only two more days at the day job until more adventures. One week until the Pop up Market at The Green Farm Market in St Ann's! Our year, and business plan, like many small fibre businesses was relying heavily on being able to tour fiber festivals in our first year. Like many, we had to readjust. So we are super stoked to be able to be at this Socially Distanced Fibre Market as our first foray.

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