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What to do during lockdown? Crochet!

Ontario is officially under lockdown and this time I am not working for what was deemed Essential Business. This has both encouraged me, and given me the time to (finally) up my crochet game. I still don't pattern well, I can read a pattern, and will occasionally follow bits of a pattern, but rarely the whole thing. Normally I want my finished project to differ in some way, sometimes a little, amd sometimes drastically. Which I think just means more frogging of my projects until I am happy with my final result.

On my list was a comfy scrubby warm sweater, with thumb holes, a couple cute sleeveless tops, a cardigan, a dress, slippers, socks, and a skirt or two. Basically fill the holes in my wardrobe with handmade garments. Necklaces and earrings or bracelets are also on my ambitious list.

In the last two weeks I have crocheted five sweaters, 2 pairs if slipper socks, a hat (maybe more then one hat, they are my go to one skein project), and part of a dress.

This one has multiple ends... I will tie them in soon. Probably, no hurry though!

It all started off with this sweater. I saw the length of the skein (Loops and Threads Brushed colours in Terracotta 474 yards, clearance price at $6...) and decided it was time to up my skills from hats, scarves, water bottle holders, and soap snacks to something more. I have been spinning for a while now. I want to use my own Handspun that I spin on our drop spindles and sit and Spins into something I would be proud to wear.

So up the game it was. I don't have enough Handspun income colorway, or one type to do a lot, but there is enough for an accent. So after my first 3 experiments which were all bottom up or panel sweaters, I crocheted my first yoke down.

I was sold! No seams? I'm in! Also it would be a much easier amd more economical use of some hand spun. So I found some of my quick early Handspun, and some donated wool (because the first 4 sweaters were all in acrylic) and got crocheting!

I also found a use for my hair clips I don't use anymore. Shaping was interesting, as this girl changes her mind alot. But I am happy with it! Also wore it our to the store today under a light jacket, and it is very warm! ( I know, but I am still fairly new to the fibre game)

I am quite happy with how it turned out! The top does need proper buttons sewn on the back, but until today I had put them in a safe place and they therefore disappeared.

I do need to find more buttons though, I want to crochet a cardigan with some back detailing, but I may be holding out for the perfect buttons...

In any case ... Sweater #5!

My early Handspun is at the top and waist.

It is mostly half double crochet, double crochet and chaining... some increases and decreases as needed!

And some buttons, I just need some amazing buttons for the back!

Now on to a dress, or a sweater vest? More socks? A skirt? At this rate I am going to need to purge my wardrobe!

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