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Creating in a Lockdown

I am definitely finding inspiration hard at this point in time. My regular go to of nature, conversation, and brainstorming are for the most part just ... out. I am still working Full time, (I am lucky that way), and have been this whole time. Inspiration is like any other muscle, or talent, and for me I find that it needs to be used and exercised to be effective and available.

So, in an effort to do just that I started a circular weaving experiment. It is meant to be in spring and summer colours, which is a challenge as almost all of my stash is cooler colours. I tend to use weaving as a stash buster, and it is my goal to get this new one out with only my stash. I wanted it to be as inexpensive and as pretty as possible. For both of those to happen, the creative muscles need a workout!

This was woven on hula hoop that I wrapped with yarn, which took way longer than I expected (hours and hours and hours of sitting outside our townhouse while socially distancing and talking with neighbours. Which is weird for us). I picked what was probably sock weight yarn to wrap and warp this piece with because I wanted a clean look.

The next challenge was how to find spring/summer coloured fibres in different weights and textures in my stash. My fibre stash is my dragon's hoard, I am very Draconically Smaug about it. I hoard for projects, I hoard for colourways, I hoard because I am new to it, and love options. I also apparently only do jewel tones for the majority, it is not in the least nice pretty spring colours. Apparently that was not the mood I was in when I bought the fibres, which as we know now, would be winter, and fall. I am relying on my Acrylic stash, using up old bits and bob's from older projects and one offs.

I am normally adept with colour, blending and choosing is easy business for me, but right now, I have limited choices, and colours. Both of these are a unique challenge for me, as someone who's day job is in paint (where I can make the colours). I am limited in both colour and texture, and the Stop on the creative muscle is most definitely full. The creation muscle is also feeling the pressure of no new influx of the "normal" inspiration and feedback. Everything is taking longer, more is unwound, and I haven't had to stress about colours in my life for very, very long time.

Though again, because that creative muscle needs a workout, needs challenge, I try. I try to sort it out, make it go, make it look on purpose. There is only one way for this to go, and that is forward, no matter how slow and gentle. So I will continue on, as I find it is easiest when trying new things so that you can see the small improvements in both method and colour selection. But in the meantime wish me luck, and inspiration!

Let me know where you find your inspiration right now!

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