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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Just over a year ago, I told a friend that I had always wanted to learn how to spin. She very kindly responded, "Had I not heard of a drop spindle?" Later that night I got home from our Stitch Night and frantically searched out what a drop spindle was, where to get it, how to do it, and all of the history of drop spindles I could find.

I had never been "handy," and had never really wanted to learn that much about how to build or use tools. But being unsatisfied with the sturdiness, and weight of my first two bought drop spindles, I enlisted my Mom's help to build something better, and more suited to what I was searching for.

She had already helped and created the Purple Palace, and to this day She at least feels more comfortable with many more of the tools than I. She created the first bunch of Wyldespun Spindles, with me as the tester.

They have evolved, gotten both more sturdy and more balanced, as well as finding their way through, just as we have.

I treasure every moment of finally joining the Stitch Group (more on that later), but also, mentioning my desire to spin, and having someone who knew how To Hear me. Sometimes our dreams are just made from wishes. Sometimes they come when our heart and minds need them most. Mostly, I believe they come from amazing new people and a challenge. Welcome to Wyldespun. A place made from Dreams, and where the Idle Wonderings go.


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