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The Herringbone Pallet Wall

The Purple Palace has a lovely herringbone pattern pallet wall. All of the boards were pre painted and different sizes made from reclaimed pallets, which created a unique challenge (you can't put all of the same colours together, there needed to be a staggered and random appearance to them). It was all applied from the inside out to the more difficult parts which was the edges in using caulking and a Brad Nailer. I hated it. I dreaded it. I looked forward to the brilliance of the final product. I endlessly complained about the complications of the maths and angles.

I also highly enjoyed it. I loved learning about tools and angles and how it would go together. I enjoyed spending that time with my family, the time that I can't now because of Co-vid 19. I looked forward to the largest finished project out of my Moms head that I could remember.

It led to little house shelves, which I adore, in a roundabout way led to macrame beads, and spindles, and my Mom's love of building.

The "very dreaded" herringbone pallet wall led to a huge change in my life. I think the dreaded part was change and new. The reward for it? A brand new business, a way to create, unlimited learning, and something that makes me (us) proud.

We are builders, we are creators, we are in business.

Also, that vision of a pallet wall in my Mom's head was amazing. It is the entire colour pallet of Wyldespun. It is beautiful, and inspirational because we built it together. We wish you the best, and to continue creating, though it may be difficult at the moment, we can only do what we can.

No matter how tiny. It is important.

That being said, it is beautiful, it came out if my Moms head, and was amazing to learn how to create. Outlets suck, windows suck, double edged everything Is not great. Measuring and whatever kind of angle math involved in this is not natural to my brain.

Here is the Mom again to add her comments. This was such a pleasure to create. I have never done such a huge project, I guess except for renovating our 150 year old farm house. It was such a delight to be able to do this with my daughter's, grandsons and his friends, not to mention my husband. When I retired, I was an Admin, doing secretarial duties so this is so creative in comparison and I learned so many new things about wood work and building. I find now I am browsing on Pinterest and wood working sites to find out more about tools and building.

I will show you more soon.

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