Go Wylde Get Spun

One of a Kind Handmade Projects

We make one of a kind handmade drop spindles, Sit and Spin (Navajo-style) spindles, tapestries, weavings, macrame creations and beads, in the She Shed "Purple Palace." Enjoy the birth of each of our creations, and when you fall in Love with their personality and uniqueness, as we have, we hope they will find their "Forever Home" with you. 


We will also explore the exciting adventure of creating a Tiny House "Bertha, the Beast of a Whale"!

Our Vision at Wyldespun

At Wyldespun, our vision is to learn and educate others about Fibre Art.  We will be selling homemade spindles using wood from local trees.  We also occasionally have side tours, including handmade projects and crafts, as well as a few crazy projects that we have in mind.  You never know where we will go from here. 

We promise it will be an experience.


A Brief Glimpse

The Beginning

In 2018, Kathryn retired and bought a second hand shed. Her family, her grandson and his friends assisted in renovating the shed and it became a  shed "FULL OF POSSIBILITIES" for creativity, handmade projects, etc.  In the meantime her youngest daughter and her children moved onto the farm, with a vision of building a tiny house.  Kathryn's eldest daughter became interested in anything concerning fibre so Wyldespun was born.  


Pictures of our evolving Small Business and a few from around the Farm

Enjoy our pictures.



market day

pop up market

making drop spindles

work in progress

drop spindle loaded with yarnult_1597357734042

drop spindle with yarn

new yarn

new yarn on bobbin

drop spindle with yarn

spinning yarn

weaving day

weaving day


weaving day, weaving on the round

diy project

Old window repurposed

dying yarn naturally

dying yarn day

dying yarn

drying yarn

carrie with mask sanding

carrie with mask sanding

carrie sanding

carrie using the belt sander

miranda helping with macrame beads

miranda helping


turtles on macrame beads

carrie hiking and spinning

carrie hiking and spinning

collecting stones

stone collection

making sit and spins

sit and spins

rock tumbling

rock tumbling

close up of sit and spins

close up of sit and spins up of

making sit and spin spindles

Kathryn with sit and spin

macrame beads

beads out for drying

This is truck for future Tiny House. See Blog, we will update as we go.

Farm when we first bought it. Lilacs are out in flower.

Grandsons walking up the driveway, its only 1/2 km long.

Day Lillies

Day Lillies at the back of the house. They are spreading.

Flowers around the pond.


Pic of pond in early spring